Information Design Lab

School of DesignHong Kong Polytechnic University


We investigate what makes information accessible,
understandable, usable and attractive

Established in January 2011, the Information Design Lab (IDL) is a research and consultancy unit at the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University dedicated to investigating what makes the design of information accessible and easy to understand. The IDL’s primary focus is on the processes influencing how people recognise, make sense of, process, remember and learn various types of information. We adopt user-centered research methods to ensure that solutions are accessible, usable, understandable, as well as attractive for the intended users. The research spans across all media, types of users and contexts of use.

The IDL aims to develop information design as a distinct field of scholarship and practice, and to advocate for the value of information design in Hong Kong and beyond. The lab actively explores new possibilities for the design of effective information, and generates new knowledge through the development of theories, models, processes and methodologies. IDL also conducts practice-led research and actively engages in knowledge transfer.



Research interests